Exclusive: FLEXI BITS!

The brand-new, revolutionary, soft and flexible Flexi Bit system provides an advanced balance between consistency and control for the rider, while providing comfort to the horse.

The Flexi mouthpiece is softer on the horse's bars, which can help prevent tissue damage. At the same time, it is warmer to the touch than a traditional metal bit, making it more readily accepted by your horse. The Flexi system, together with our new ported model, can benefit the horses that have a tendency to pass their tongue over the bit.

These bits are exclusively available at Lieven Hendrickx Horse Supplements! Both here at our webshop as in our stores and mobile shops. 

20 Years of experience

Lieven Hendrickx Horse Supplements has been providing the highest quality equipment for rider and horse for over 20 years.

You can find most of our products here on our webshop. But if you're looking for anything else don't hesitate to contact us.

You can reach us by sending us an email at or call our office +32 293 92 16.

See you soon!

Team Lieven Hendrickx Horse Supplements

Joe Clee

Lieven Hendrickx has the most quantity and best quality range of bits. And if they don't have the one I want, they will make it!

Marthe Heudens

They have the best shoe shine ever! My boots are always spotless.

Constant Van Paesschen

Such a good service. If I need anything, Lieven Hendrickx Horse Supplements provides it for me with good care and fast delivery.


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