Terms and Conditions

Who are we?

We are Group L.H. bvba, with registered office at Achtertenhoek 9 – 2275 Lille. We are registered in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce under number BE0889671924.

In the context of our services, we collect, store, transfer or otherwise process personal data, and this on the basis of the applicable data protection and privacy legislation. We comply with privacy legislation regarding the processing of your data and its safekeeping.

General Terms and Conditions of Sale/Delivery

  1. Unless agreed otherwise, our invoices should be paid immediately, net and without discount.
  2. The agreed delivery times are not binding and are given for indicative purposes only; under no circumstances can a late delivery give reason to cancellation of the order.
  3. The BVBA Group L.H. acts only as a distributor of the ordered goods; it can therefore not be held responsible for the quality of the materials it supplies.
  1. No immediate query on the goods, service or invoice received is considered as acceptance of the goods, services, invoice and of our Terms of Conditions of Sale/Delivery. Complaints will only be taken into account and acknowledged by BVBA Group L.H. when these are made by recorded delivery within 7 days of delivery/invoice date.
  2. Claims will only be considered by BVBA Group L.H., provided that the company is informed per registered letter within 7 days after delivery of the goods or receipt of the invoice. 
  3. Payment is to be made net on due date of invoice at the registered office. The goods remain the property of BVBA Group L.H. until full payment.
  1. Any amount not paid on or before the due date will automatically and without notice incur a 15% charge (with a minimum of 150 Euro) in respect of compensation for the unpaid sum. Further to this, interest will be charged at 1% per calendar month on the total of the outstanding invoice(s), also from the due date and without due notice.
  1. In the event of further failure to pay, this debt will then be forwarded to the district court of Zandhoven or to the court of Antwerp and be collected under Belgian Law. The contract is subject to the Belgian Law with exclusion of the Vienna Sales Convention. Any deviations from the above Terms and Conditions of Sale/Delivery are only permitted after written confirmation from ourselves.
  2. The relation between the customer and GROUP L.H. is ruled only by these general sales terms and conditions. Deviations from the here above mentioned sales and delivery terms can only be validated after a written confirmation from GROUP L.H.
  1. In case of disputes, only the courts of the registered office of BVBA Group L.H. authorized to take cognizance of the claim.  In case of disputes about deliveries abroad, only Belgian law applies. In the event of conflicting sales conditions, only those of the BVBA Group L.H. are valid.
  1. Any protest regarding the invoices must be sent by registered letter to BVBA Group L.H. within 8 days of delivery. After 8 days the invoice is deemed to have been accepted by the customer.
  1. Acceptance of an invoice constitutes acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions of BVBA Group L.H..



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